How To Make Your Money Work For You In A Low-Interest World

GameKillerMods, Thursday, December 17, 2020

How To Make Your Money Work For You In A Low-Interest World

Save money during Coronavirus Lockdowns? How do you make money with your current … [+] current low-interest rates.

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You may be wondering what is the best place to put your savings because interest rates have been historically low for more than a decade (crazy, right?). It looks like those levels of savings accounts was not lower, but they did during the COVID-19 Recession.

One of my clients sent me an email from Ally Bank, informing recipients that the bank would reduce the interest rate paid by its savings account holders to only 0.5% from the next day. Ally Bank seems to be following the lead of other online banks such as Marcus, who have already reduced prices by up to 0.5%. My client missed days when you could get 1.25% in savings. To be honest, Ally was paying more than 2% when I first opened a savings account in the bank.

One of the few unexpected cases of coronavirus is that Americans (on average) have managed to save a lot of money this year. It can be difficult to spend money when you are closed. But this increase in savings leaves many people wondering what is the best place to invest their money?

As a Los Angeles Financial Planner, I must point out that even though interest rates are much higher than you are now, your money will not go hand in hand with the increase in money if you work hard on a savings account. I would like my clients to keep “money” in savings accounts only for emergencies or funds to be spent next year or next. Long-term goals such as buying a home (eventually), paying for college (future), or retirement, should be funded by investing, rather than trying to get a certain amount of interest from the bank.

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Are Online Banks No longer the Way to Do It?

High-Yield Savings Accounts on online banks fell much faster than the interest rates on traditional and brick banks such as Chase and BAC Bank. This is more closely related to the low-interest rates charged by banks than to the generosity of high-interest rates from online banks. Many traditional banks now pay their account holders savings of 0.01% to 0.03% per year, so a million dollars will receive a total of $ 100-300 per year. While I hope you all have a million dollars asleep, I also hope that the money is not in the low-interest bank account.

By comparison, some online savings accounts have recently paid about 2%. Many have now reduced their prices to 0.5%. Not good, but one million dollars can earn $ 5,000 at that interest rate – a huge difference.

Investors who need higher interest rates for their interest rates will need to consider other options. That often means taking more risks, reducing investment, or perhaps, changing strategy and investing. You can get more yield from the stock market fund. Some banks advertise high prices when you lock your money in a Deposit Certificate or Exchange Transfer Fund (ETF). Speaking of retirement funds, you can find attractive guaranteed prices on living benefits in annuities. (There are many financial constraints that I do not have time to fully explain here, so make sure you work with a non-commissioned financial adviser by selling you a pension).

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It is common to overlook the tax-deductible interest earned on your savings account. For those earning less than $ 10 a year, the bank will not send you even 1099. Even those in the highest government tax bracket (37%), living in a high-tax country, such as California (high tax rate of 13.3%), are unlikely to see taxes owed by the low-interest rate on their savings accounts. However, you should be aware that interest rates are taxed on ordinary earnings, and investment income is taxable at low-interest rates. (In case you need another reason to get the money, where appropriate). The tax burden can be very high for those with large savings balances, resulting in a high-interest rate.

You work hard to earn your money; take a moment to make sure your money works for you. Work with a certified fiduciary Certified Financial Planner to help you build a financial road map to achieve your important financial goals.

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