6 Strategies to Help You Improve Voice Search Optimization

GameKillerMods, Tuesday, December 22, 2020

6 Strategies to Help You Improve Voice Search Optimization

Voice search SEO is now gaining popularity in the industry much faster than local SEO, which is remarkable because we can say that voice search performance is built around the methods used by local search engines.

As COVID-19 occupies the world, more and more people are turning to voice usage, where 32% of consumers are interested in using hands-free technology to reduce pollution and contact. In fact, voice search is growing rapidly. Most people use voice search on their smartphones and most American users (39.4%) use some form of voice assistant at least once a month.

To make things more interesting, we have access to programs like Echo and Google Home. It will be set up in more homes over time. This means that voice search performance is already important in the SEO industry.

To help you make better choices and improve your voice search rates, SEO experts recommend the following methods.

Focus on customer type and device behavior
Voice search algorithms already use different data points such as location to better understand the search context. For this reason, retailers must strive to understand consumer performance. Also, consider what kind of equipment to use.

For example, if you are using a smartphone, wherever you go, there is a better way. In that case, you are using a different voice search command, which may be less than the one used on your home computer, even if you are still doing voice search.

Focus on the right keywords for voice search
No matter what anyone tells you, short tail keywords are important to SEO and always important. However, when you think about voice search, it’s not so good. People do not use phrases like “buy shoes” when using a voice-enabled device. They don’t want “back pain” when it comes to pain.

Advertisers now need to focus their attention on a few long tail keywords that communicate with questions.

Focus on personal content
When you search for content by voice, you need to think about relevance, context and brevity. Compared to our familiar SEO strategy, more attention should be paid to:

Short and obvious questions.
Compilation of detailed answers to the most common questions.
Forced, great content is key to voice search SEO. This can be done in many ways. The effective and efficient strategy is as follows:

Start your content with a query title.
After the title, he gives a clear explanation or answer.
All content is defined by content and provides relevant information related to the topic in question.
When you create such content, you create a visual page that is very popular with search engines and especially with voice search.

Use schema markup
If you do not use the schema search search icon, you have no chance. The schema is important because it allows you to tell the search engine what the content is.

We are currently talking about HTML add-ons. It is designed to provide context, so it’s a good idea to help in a good situation when adding links to all the specific questions that a user can do with voice search.

Google uses schemes to understand language. So they are a great way to add more details to a page. Voice searchers and mobile users usually seek information displayed in the schema.

Unfortunately, the scheme is difficult to use if you do not know what you are doing. That’s why when you need this work on your site, you should always use web developer services. Anyone with experience can use a program that you can use.

Create a FAQ page
When using voice search to ask questions, you usually start with “how”, “why”, “where”, “who” or “new”. He looks for an answer to something. To answer such questions, it is not difficult to create a FAQ page. Start with all the questions you answer about extensions that people use. Next, reply via chat so that you can complain about the algorithm used for voice search.

Take advantage of the mobile country – first
Slowly but surely, we are moving into the normal world of mobile devices. People will be mobile and can access the internet anywhere from reality. For this reason, local SEO and mobile users need to understand that they are connected. This Focus on the right keywords for voice searchis particularly true when that comes to search via voice.

Mobile devices allow you to easily search for anything on the go. With voice search, you can really ask questions of the target position. For this reason, clear instructions for XML site maps and local addresses are readable by search engines and visitors.

I have to add that it is a great idea to create a unique experience where you can cover mobile and desktop users. For example, “near me” search can be used when configuring mobile users.

You need to listen to the mobile device you are using and you should focus on very short download times. Page speed is already a very important factor in search engine rankings.

A world inspired by voice search
Right now, we live in a time when voice search is more popular than text search. It’s a matter of when, and we’re really close to that day.

Past technology could not answer your questions, but now we have Siri, it makes us laugh. Voice not found. It only gets stronger over time. So we need to work on voice search as soon as possible.

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