Best 90fps Config File For BGMI (Unlock HDR, Ultra HD, Extreme, 90 FPS)


Best 90fps Config File For BGMI (Unlock HDR, Ultra HD, Extreme, 90 FPS)

It’s been a long time since I wrote a post about BGMI Config. But today I will share Best 90fps Config File For BGMI to unlock all the graphics settings.

If you don’t have the latest version of BGMI then you can download it from HERE.

I feel bad for the devices that don’t even have the extreme frame rate option in BGMI. We have tried every possible way and in the end, we figure out how to get the 90fps in BGMI and that’s why we share this article with you so you can enjoy the maximum amount of frame rate possible. I am not telling you that all smartphones will get 90fps but most of them will get it. If you have a low-end device then don’t worry you will get a 60fps constant.

Currently, I am using the same config file to get the maximum amount of frame rate and enjoy the best graphics settings on my device. This is the easiest way to use the config file. Here are some screenshots that I have taken in the game

Best 90fps Config File For BGMI (Unlock HDR, Ultra HD, Extreme, 90 FPS)

As you can see the game is running on HDR and 90fps, Sorry but at the time I don’t have any fps meter to show you the fps but believe me the file is working fine on my device, and one of the best things about this file is that you don’t have to put the file every time you close the game and a bad thing about the file is you don’t see the 90fps option in the settings but if you use or have any fps meter you can see the game is running on 90fps.

Note: if you have a device with a 90Hz or 120Hz display then always put your phone max HZ while playing the game. Like my phone has 120Hz but I put it on 60hz because 120Hz consumes more battery than 60hz but while playing the BGMI I always put the display on 120Hz.

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Download The Config File

Download 90fps Config File 2.1


How To Use Active.sav File

  • 1. At first, you need to download The Config file
  • 2. Then open ZArchiver or ES File Explorer
  • 3. After Open, The Download File location and Unzip The file.
  • 4. After Unzip, Copy The “ Saved ” Folder From the Unzip Folder.
  • 5. Go to the Android / data / com.pubg.imobile / files / UE4GAME / ShadowTrackerExtra / ShadowTrackerExtra / Saved / SaveGames / Paste and Replace Here
  • 6. If You get any popup, Then Just Click On the “ REPLACE “ Button.
  • 7. After All, File Replace with new file Closs all apps from recent apps
  • 8. Now Open PUBG MOBILE and Enjoy.


If you don’t see any folder that is written here, just make that folder by yourself.
Then it should be worked now, just open the game and enjoy. If you have any problems or wanna ask me something, drop your comment below, and I’ll help you. Thank you!