Genshin Impact Apk v3.4.0 (Latest, Official) for android
Genshin Impact Apk v3.4.0 (Latest, Official) for android

Genshin Impact Apk v3.4.0 (Latest, Official) for android

4.7 (4)
Android Android Adventure
4.5 ( 514 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Genshin Impact
Publisher miHoYo Limited
Category Adventure
Size 494 MB
Latest Version v3.4.0_12498014_12591909
Update Jan 20, 2023
Google Playstore Google Play
Genshin Impact is the most famous version in the Genshin Impact series of publisher miHoYo Limited
Mod Version v3.4.0_12498014_12591909
Total installs 50,000,000+


Genshin Impact is an Adventure game created by miHoYo Limited. Genshin Impact game has a full story. In addition, the gameplay is set by the user to no less. Many people love this game and enjoy playing it. How to handle the game First we need to download this game and start playing it. After departure, many obstacles await us. We have to overcome these obstacles and continue this game. In doing so, we get various prizes and rewards and can use them to advance to the next round of the game. There will be two people in this game and the purpose of this game is to tell the adventure journey of these two people who are brother and sister 2. Even people who have never played this game before can learn to follow it. We cannot see God directly in real life. But in this game, our users are well focused. Google Play Store MiHoYo limited published this version.



Genshin Impact has lots of prizes and rewards. God cannot meet us directly. This is why we can see god in this game. They created and made possible the seed for us. Upon entering, large dangerous beasts will come. We have to deal with those animals. To knock down animals. Then we can move on to the next step. There are seven types of god in it. One god is the God of fire, the other is the God of water and air, and then the God of the sky. The Water God in the game will help us by giving us many rewards. After that, the brother and sister go to another country. The two will travel a lot in the country, after which they will finally have long days in their favorite place. One day a god suddenly descended from above. They are amazed to see a god coming. 2 people are frozen in elasticity. God suddenly adores his sister with his power. The brother who saw this does not know what to do in Goa.




Genshin Impact MOD APK is all about the ability to plan, coordinate, engage and play. The character of the game is fantastic in the ability that our users create, by no means worse. No matter what game we are playing, planning is a must. Along the way, there will be beautiful trees and plants, vines, animals, and streams full of water levels. There will be a lot of universal planets. He was forced to fight against God. It looks different from the outside looking in, and when you get inside the game it looks different. It looks like a feast for the eyes of the beholder. Mountains and bodies of water play a vital role in this game as they are crossed by huge towers. In this game, you can further play this game using different types of weapons and weapons. Anyone who plays this game once will have the idea of ​​having to continue playing it again. So all people plan this game well, go with a new purpose and enjoy playing.


Beautiful graphics

Gethin Impact is the best way to do it for our users to create beautiful visuals. All the things and objects that we see with our eyes will give us a beautiful appearance. In this sense, we can see that as we play this game further, there are many ups and downs. The trees and vines are beautiful in the middle of the path we are on. People from all walks of life can play this adventure game. There is no requirement that only specific individuals can play this game. Anyone from the youngest to the oldest can download and play this game. In today’s world, automation can be a challenging task. Buildings and factories are built everywhere and provide natural resources. You will find peace and new thoughts in your mind in this game. Green and green objects Other than that Trees Trees Sky Gods Sky and lightning Thunder In this game you can see different kinds of animals on water surfaces.




Genshin Impact is how our journey will be a great experience in everyone’s life. So in this game, we have a great experience when we go inside and travel on an adventure. We cannot express this experience in words because we can only feel it. The path we will take will not be good and we will face many problems and tracks. We look at all the things that happen before our eyes and interpret them in our minds as imaginary events. All these experiences will be remembered only after we finish this game. It is a new opportunity for us to continue our journey with our friends. So we can use this opportunity to understand the essence of this game and play. There will be many interruptions and tribulations along the way. We can take all those experiences as part of our lives. The specialty of this game is that sometimes even after we leave the game, the thoughts will come to the thought that is running into our heads.



Elemental combat style

Genshin Impact has a high-speed application. The system mentioned in it will be our favorite. We can say that God is what He is. Our users gave us seven types of gods in it. There are different types of gods in this category: fire god, nature god, ice god, lightning god, wind god, and water god. Each God’s will attack us with weapons that are suitable for them. All of these impacts will have a significant impact on us. The fire god will burn us. This means that God’s power is heat. We burn when it hits us with that heat energy. God of nature, this kind of God can hurt us very much by nature. He can destroy us with the mountains and waters or the forest that will exert its potential on any of them. An ice god is a god who freezes us with ice. If we say that this is the vital force of God, it is ice.

Genshin Impact MOD APK in which the god of lightning shines so brightly that its impact on us is such that we cannot see the god. Supernatural light in glittering appearance would be too much for this God. When the good attack us with such great force, we will be thrown very far. Another wind god, this kind of god will cause us to be interrupted by the wind. This means that when God uses the wind as an instrument and pours it upon us, we are thrown very far from one area to another and we fall. The water god can influence us through the water. If it does any damage, the water will think it will completely submerge us.



Genshin Impact has more use of graphics. When we look at these graphics, different kinds of thoughts appear in our minds. Especially if you play this game with a gaming headset, the noise it makes will fully engage us in the game. In addition, the buildings and places that appear in the background of the game give peace to the eyes of the viewer. We will never see such places in our lives. But we can see it in this game. Several scenes that look imaginary make us feel as if we are looking at pictures that appear real before our eyes. Along the way, beautiful trees and plants and weapons such as guns play a vital role in the graphics. There are seven kinds of gods in it. That god will take every form. There are many gods like them, one god is the god of water, one god is the god of fire and another god is the god of wind. This god was given to us precisely through modern tools suitable for what we see in the game.



Genshin Impact is a great open-world MMORPG game on the internet right now it offers great graphics and sound effects you gonna love this game if you love open worlds games or if you like anime characters.

And you can easily download this game from for free by clicking the green download button below, The game dont require any obb but you will have to download the large files after you download and install the game on your phone.

So I recommend you to free up some space and connect with good wifi because at the time I downloaded this game I have to download around 10GB+ data but I will say it’s worth it and worth trying.


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Q. Is Genshin Impact Free?

Yes, the game is free to play and available on various platforms but there are some in-game purchases.

Q. How big is Genshin Impact Android?

After downloading the game from google play you have to download another 12 – 14 GB of data then the total size of the game become 16 GB.

Q. Genshin Impact Requirements

Genshin Impact is one of the heaviest games on android that’s why the game requires a lot of specifications.

  • Storage: 20GB Free Storage.
  • RAM: 4GB and above.
  • Processor: Snap Dragon 845 and above.
  • Android version: Android 7.0 or above.

The game will run even if your device doesn’t match the requirement, but the game will lag a lot and your device will get heated.


You are now ready to download Genshin Impact for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • To check the CPU and GPU of the Android device, please use the CPU-Z app.
  • For MOD features please check the MOD Info.
4.7 (4)

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