Prison Empire Tycoon MOD Apk v2.6.4 (Unlimited Money/Diamonds)
Prison Empire Tycoon MOD Apk v2.6.4 (Unlimited Money/Diamonds)

Prison Empire Tycoon MOD Apk v2.6.4 (Unlimited Money/Diamonds)

3.8 (97)
Android Android Games
4.3 ( 802 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Prison Empire Tycoon
Publisher Codigames
Category Games
Size 201 MB
Latest Version v2.6.4
Update Jul 19, 2023
MOD Unlimited Money/Diamonds
Google Playstore Google Play
Prison Empire Tycoon is the most famous version in the Prison Empire Tycoon series of publisher Codigames
Mod Version v2.6.4
Total installs 10,000,000+


Money increase when spent!
  • Unlimited Money

Prison Empire Tycoon MOD Apk is a Simulation game by Codigames. In this game, players have to create their Prison for the prisoners. Start your Prison and slowly increase the security by upgrading every area of your prison.

Prison Empire MOD takes the mundane concept of running a prison and turns it into an addictive and entertaining experience. As you embark on this simulation adventure, you’ll need to flex your strategic muscles to keep your prisoners happy, your staff efficient, and your profits soaring. From designing the layout of your penitentiary to managing the needs of your inmates, you’ll find yourself juggling a delicate balancing act while trying to avoid any potential riots or escape attempts. Remember, folks, there’s nothing more dangerous than a disgruntled prisoner with a homemade birthday cake shiv!

But fear not, dear reader, for this modified version of the game adds an extra layer of excitement and customization to the already gripping gameplay. With the MOD Apk, you’ll unlock a treasure trove of additional features and resources, allowing you to unleash your creative (and slightly wicked) side. From unlimited cash to expedited construction times, you’ll have the keys to the kingdom – or rather, the prison gates – firmly in your hands.


Prison Empire Tycoon MOD Apk

What is Prison Empire Tycoon?

Prison Empire Tycoon is a popular mobile game that puts you in the shoes of a prison manager, allowing you to design and operate your very own correctional facility. Developed by Codigames, this simulation game gives you a chance to experience the challenges and responsibilities of running a prison without real-world consequences.

In Prison Empire, you start with a small and basic facility and gradually expand it into a complex penitentiary capable of housing a multitude of inmates. As the manager, you’re responsible for all aspects of prison life, from constructing various facilities like cells, canteens, and exercise yards, to hiring staff members, managing resources, and ensuring the well-being of your prisoners.

The game challenges you to maintain a delicate balance between security, prisoner satisfaction, and profitability. You must allocate resources wisely, hire and train staff, and keep a watchful eye on your inmates to prevent escapes, riots, and other incidents. Meeting the needs of your prisoners, such as providing adequate food and recreational activities, can contribute to a more peaceful and orderly environment.




The graphics in Prison Empire Tycoon MOD are visually appealing and detailed, creating an immersive and engaging correctional facility environment. The animations and user interface contribute to the overall enjoyable gameplay experience.

Prison Empire MOD Apk


Unlimited Money and Diamonds

The MOD Apk of Prison Empire Tycoon provides unlimited money and diamonds, giving players the freedom to build and expand their correctional facility without financial constraints. This abundance of resources allows for creativity and strategic experimentation, creating a smoother and more enjoyable gameplay experience.


AD-Free gameplay

Enjoy an ad-free experience in Prison Empire MOD, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the gameplay without interruptions. Focus on building and managing your correctional facility without any intrusive ads.

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Meet The Fundamental Requirements

In Prison Empire Tycoon Apk, meeting the fundamental requirements of your prisoners is paramount to maintaining order and preventing unrest. Just like in real life, inmates have basic needs that must be fulfilled to keep them content and less inclined to cause trouble. Here are the key requirements you’ll need to address as a savvy prison manager:

  1. Food: Hungry prisoners are grumpy prisoners. Make sure you have a well-equipped kitchen and sufficient food supplies to provide regular and nutritious meals. Balancing the budget while keeping stomachs full might be a challenge, but it’s essential for a harmonious prison environment.
  2. Security: A secure facility is crucial to prevent escapes and maintain control. Invest in robust security measures like cameras, guard patrols, and metal detectors. Remember, a prison break doesn’t make for a pleasant afternoon stroll.
  3. Health Care: Healthy prisoners are happy prisoners. Establish an infirmary and hire qualified medical staff to address the healthcare needs of your inmates. Regular check-ups, prompt treatment, and a hygienic environment are vital for minimizing illness and maintaining a healthy population behind bars.
  4. Recreation: Even prisoners need a little R&R. Provide recreational facilities such as gyms, common rooms, and outdoor spaces for exercise and leisure activities. Giving inmates a chance to blow off some steam can reduce tension and promote better behavior.
  5. Accommodation: Your prisoners need a place to call home (albeit a temporary one). Build adequate and comfortable cells, ensuring each inmate has a decent living space. Don’t forget about basic amenities like toilets and showers – cleanliness and personal hygiene are vital for a peaceful atmosphere.


Manage Your Employees

Managing your employees in Prison Empire Tycoon is crucial for a successful correctional facility. Hire qualified staff, create balanced work schedules, prioritize employee well-being, and encourage ongoing training and development. Effective employee management leads to a productive and efficient prison environment.

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Invest In Your Areas

Investing in your areas is crucial in Prison Empire MOD Apk. Enhance security, develop infrastructure, support staff, implement rehabilitation programs, and prioritize maintenance. These investments create a well-managed and secure correctional facility for prisoners’ well-being and successful rehabilitation.


Prepare Prisoners For Success

Preparing prisoners for success in Prison Empire Tycoon is vital for their rehabilitation and reintegration into society. Offer education, vocational training, and personal development programs. Connect inmates with employment opportunities and foster support networks within the prison community. By investing in their future, you reduce the likelihood of recidivism and help prisoners build a better life post-release.

Prison Empire Tycoon Apk MOD


In conclusion, Prison Empire Tycoon offers a captivating and immersive experience where you can build and manage your own correctional facility. From meeting the needs of your prisoners to investing in your areas and preparing inmates for success, the game provides a unique blend of strategy and simulation. Step into the role of a prison manager and navigate the challenges of running a successful correctional empire in this addictive and entertaining game.


You are now ready to download Prison Empire Tycoon for free. Here are some notes:

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  • For MOD features please check the MOD Info.
3.8 (97)

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