Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Secrets, Honor’s New Partners, OnePlus Reveals Powerful Camera

Looking back on seven days of news and articles from around the world of Android, this week’s Android Circuit features the amazing secret of the Galaxy S21 Ultra, Samsung’s expandable screen, new Honor partners, two new Sony Xperia phones, the impact of leaving for LG, the OnePlus camera leak details, and the Clubhouse coming to Android.

The Android circuit is here to remind you of a few of the many things that happened to Android last week (and you can find Apple’s weekly newsletter here).

Big Screen And Battery

Samsung’s Samsung S21 Ultra is a great phone with a big battery, but efficiency and battery life remain the key. One of the disadvantages of battery life has always been the screen of any smartphone, so the news that the S21 Ultra screen is 16 percent more efficient than the 2020 models is very helpful. Mihai Matei reports:

“The new low-power OLED panel that started working with the Galaxy S21 Ultra claims to bring improved light and energy efficiency, but is basically the same as before. The uniqueness of the Galaxy S21’s new OLED panel is that – by unspecified processes – it allows electrons to flow faster and easier across the natural layers of the display. ”

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The Folding, Folding, and Growing Display

This isn’t the only note from Samsung Display this week, with new details on the company’s work on a smooth display that expands the user’s work environment. Ilse Jurrien reports on the new patent:

“Some time ago it was reported from Korea that Samsung also wants to use a flexible display panel to upgrade a 6” phone to an 8 tablet. “Further details on this design are not yet known. Samsung may want to use the following technology, as the company has been granted a patent for a ‘dual slide smartphone’.”

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The concept of Samsung Galaxy Sliding Display

Let’s go with Digital / Concept Creator
New Respectful Partners

Following the release of Honor View40 last week, many details about the new partnership with Honor now released from Huawei have been confirmed. These include Microsoft, AMD and Intel, which may be its laptop range; MediaTek and Qualcomm smartphone system on chips; and Samsung, Micron Technology, SK Hynix and Sony parts. The question of Google Play Services support for their Smartphones remains. Report by Cheng Ting-Fang and July Li:

“These companies, like other global technology providers, are subject to U.S. restrictions on using U.S. technology to supply Huawei. However, some suppliers have said they are still looking at the legal consequences of Honor’s shipping.

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Sony Goes Big And Small

Two devices from the Sony Xperia family this week, the first confirmed, the second rumored. The first is the Xperia Pro 5G, which comes with an HDMI port next to USB-C, keeping the SnapDragon 865 from last year’s Xperia 1 II. It also has large bezels, a thick design, and (waiting) price tag for $ 2,500. Ars Technica’s Ron Amadeo has some ideas:

“Sony recommends connecting the phone to a Sony Alpha camera and using it as a live video surveillance or pressing an external video source to go to the Internet to stream live. This one feature and the adjoining camera costs $ 1,000 more in Sony’s view.”

The Sonys are also preparing for the return of the old favorite. Steve Hemmerstoffer brings the latest Sony Xperia Compact news for the 2021, which measures 140 x 68.9 x 8.9mm and sports 5.5-inch screen. But with sales of the iPhone 12 Mini falling short of expectations, can Sony find a lost market by Apple?

“Last month, an official of Apple’s company told Nikkei that the small production of the iPhone 12 was sluggish. Recently, a report by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (via 9to5Mac) states that the sale of iPhone 12 minutes could disappoint Apple by 6 As a result, while some of you will enjoy reading the new Compact Xperia phone coming soon, I wonder if Sony did not wait long and missed the boat… ”

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LG Effect Leaving Mobile

After last week’s talks about LG’s departure from the smartphone market, Jerry Hildenbrand looks at the broader results, and the power of Google / Samsung / Apple trifecta in the mobile ecosystem

“Now, LG may have finished building the phones because there is no money to be made by doing so. Some people in the company say no, some have more experience with everything, and some companies are even ready to buy. Whatever happens, it will mean the death of LG as we know it. today.

“This is not really surprising when you look at what phones are being sold, how they are being sold, and why people are buying them – and you see LG losing in every category.”

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The OnePlus App Leaks New Phone Details

It has many new features, but included within the OnePlus update to the Oxygen OS camera app (including photo slope, Moon mode, and starburst photos) are indicators looking at the new handset. Mishaal Rahman reports:

“… none of these features appear to be live for users in the latest version of the OnePlus Camera app. Therefore, we suspect that these features are reserved for future device launch, either in the Nord line in a large number series. We know that OnePlus works on most new devices, but we don’t know which devices will be the first to launch these features. ”

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And Finally …

There may be some headlines, but the Clubhouse communication app is blocked on iOS and iPadOS platforms. This week the team confirmed plans for the Android version. Stephen Hall reports:

“…this isn’t a release date. In fact, it’s not even a start-development date. All we know is that up to this point, Clubhouse has been an iOS exclusive, and now the company is saying it’s going to start work on its Android app. That could mean a release as soon as a few months from now, or as late as years. We simple don’t know at this point. We’ll be sure to let you know when we know more.”