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Two-Factor Authentication Security Flaws Have Been Proven

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Two-Factor Authentication Security Flaws Have Been Proven

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It has long been thought that two-factor authentication technology completely helps protect sensitive data on a smartphone because the verification code comes only from the mobile device owner. However, this obstacle can be easily overcome, and this was confirmed by an experienced, conducted by journalist for the journal Vice.

During the experiment, a janitor was hired, who easily got in touch with the press community, despite two assurances. As the criminal later claimed, he was able to get into it with the help of special messaging services, which are officially operational. Basically, the robber used Takari and paid only $ 16 to buy, claimed to have a reporter’s number, and then received all his messages.

Summing up his test, the journalist urged him not to rely on security for two-factor authentication, and to use a physical security key, for example.



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