Sony Introduced a Smartphone With One-inch Flagship Camera Sensor Xperia Pro-I

by GameKillerMods, Saturday, 13 November 2021 (3 years ago)

A new line of Sony smartphones, a brand that puts them as the closest thing to a professional camera device, will go on sale in December. The smartphone is the first in the world to have an inch matrix with focus phase, Zeiss optics, and a powerful device with a 120 Hz 4K screen.

Of course, the main emphasis is placed on the image and video capabilities of the device. The 12-megapixel main camera can switch from f / 4.0 mode to f / 2.0 and back. The sensor used on the device is similar to that of the RX100 VII professional camera. Thanks to the powerful BIONZ X processor, the smartphone can capture 4K 120 fps quality. Each of these three senses is covered with a special anti-reflective layer. Many options and options make the shooting process very comfortable and enjoyable.

To enhance the feeling of using a real camera, the color gamut of the devices is limited to only dark dawn, the body has a belt loop, and to release the shutter, a special button is used.


The cost of the device will be 1800 euros.

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