Top 5 Mini-Games that Won the Hearts Of Gamers


We all play video games for fun and entertainment. It can be so relaxing to smash some bad guys’ faces in Batman Arkham Knight after a long workday. But sometimes, playing video games seems to be hard work itself. Remember beating Dark Souls bosses? Or that legendary toy-helicopter mission in GTA Vice City? Exactly. So developers decided to come up with so-called “mini-games” and put them inside their projects to give players a chance to take a rest from the main storyline without switching off a console or PC. Let’s go through the five best mini-games that won the hearts of gamers.



1. Gwent (Witcher III)

The first that comes to mind is Gwent. The exciting collectible card game from even more exciting CDPR project Witcher III. Each of the cards represents different creatures and has different effects. Geralt has to collect the most powerful of them, make an army, and war it against the opponent. There are four fractions to choose from. Needless to say that the mini-game was so successful, and the players loved it so much that the authors had to develop a separate Gwent game. It is a bit different from the one from Witcher but still has millions of fans over the world.

Poker (Red Dead Redemption 2)

Red Dead Redemptions is a cowboy saga from the world’s famous Rockstar Games. Riding horses, shooting bandits, and robbing trains might be fun but tiring. Sometimes you just want to walk into the nearest saloon, drink a couple of shots and play cards with other tired cowboys. And the guys from Rockstar give you such a possibility. There is a bunch of gambling games spanned around the world of RDR, but the most memorable of them is Poker from the second episode of the game. It’s hard, it’s authentic, and it’s dangerous. The gameplay is very realistic, and according to gambling experts from Exycasinos, it follows Texas Hold’em rules. You can make high stakes, you can bluff, you can cheat, and you can even be shot down because of doing that. Nothing short of amazing!


3. Golf (GTAV)

There is another Rockstar-developed game that features plenty of mini-games, and it’s GTAV. Michael, Trevor, and Franklin have many options to spend leisure time in Los Santos and its surroundings. But the best among them is Golf. Why? Because it’s designed so well and detailed, that it deserves to have a game of its own. There are different clubs to play with, and you need to choose the place of hit, its power and watch the wind force and direction. To enjoy the game, you need to dress up expensive, and travel to Los Santos Golf Club, which is open from 6 am to 6 pm. The fee is $100. Find it costly? Yeah, but it’s worth it.



4. Fishing (The Legends Of Zelda)

What can be more relaxing than fishing? Now it is a standard mini-game to almost all open-world projects. Probably you were expecting to see fishing from Red Dead Redemption or Final Fantasy XV in this listing, but The Legends of Zelda is the better choice. It was the first one to come up with fishing as a mini-game back in 2006, and since then, almost nothing has changed. You travel across the virtual world, see a river or a lake, come closer, take your rod out and start waiting for a fish to bite. That’s it. The process is the same at any game. Actually, it’s exactly the same in real life!



5. Chicken Kicking (Fable: The lost chapters)

Chicken Kicking is a funny mini-game presented in Lionsgate RPG project Fable: the Lost Chapters. Why do we consider it one of the best mini-games? Because you can see nothing similar to it in any other game. It starts as a small frolic of kicking every chicken that crosses your way in the home village and turns into professional sports you can even earn money with. This mini-game is where the hero’s first nickname, “Chicken Chaser,” derives from, and it makes it even funnier.