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Prey Day 14.6.01 (MOD, Immortality) Mod Apk+Obb

Prey Day 14.6.01 (MOD, Immortality) Mod Apk+Obb
  • Updated
  • Version 14.6.01
  • Requirements Android 4.4
  • Developers AppLife Limited
  • Category Action
  • Google Play
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Prey Day mod apk is an open-world zombie survival game created by AppLife Limited. You are in 2033, the world witnessed an outbreak of unknown infections that left many people dead.

Prey Day is an online, multiplayer, top-of-the-line shooter game that takes place in the world’s largest city after the zombie apocalypse. An unknown virus destroyed a large part of the population, leaving only a handful of survivors on earth. Most residents have become Zombies or evolved under the influence of the virus. In the midst of a labyrinth of empty streets, survivors strengthen camps to withstand hordes of zombies and venture out to find the cause of the infection that has left the earth in a state of survival.

You are one of the few survivors whose destiny is directly related to these events. In your life after the apocalypse, you will face hunger and thirst, look after the camps of other survivors, and spend your dark days making your own shelter from the collection. Investigate the causes of the infection that caused the apocalypse by completing the requirements. Explore the darkest corners of the City to build unique armor and weapons. Build cars that will give you access to secret places.

Deal with other survivors, who are greedy for prey. Meet others on the streets of Harbourtown to fight against Zombies and other survivors who hide and hunt simple deer. Gather your friends and participate in the most dangerous parts of the city.

World of Prey Day is an open-world shooting game set in a big city devastated by a wave of infection. You are left to survive with other people – real players. You can contact any player you meet, join the team, or fight them to take their spoils. There are no rules in open-world games!

Among other players of powerful nations, open access to team areas, where you can discover unusual objects and unlock new skills that can help you in the battle against the dead. Together with your family you can take the reins of discarded soldiers, establish a gang base, and start a real war on the streets.

You can make new weapons and equipment for the various items collected in your journey. Introduce new art recipes that can help protect your health from other players – art-making skills allow you to build your living space and protect it with traps!

What triggered the apocalypse? In this zombie game you will complete quests and explore Harbortown. The best zombie games have rich, mysterious stories, and Food Day is no different. Focus on the whole series of events, get off the subway, go to the mountains and national parks on the edge of the city, and traverse the desert, always shooting at the masses of the walking dead.

Prey Day is one of the most dangerous zombie survival games full of players who may have different survival objectives and methods – run, shoot, defend, meet, direct, and fight real players who are fighting for survival like you. Shooting games challenge your skill, speed, and reaction time, and when you fight for survival, you will do everything you can to not die. With both co-op and PVP features, you can connect and meet friends, or oppose and kill rivals – the best MMO traditions and multiplayer games online!


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– Reworked the ads box in the bank – Reworked minimap – Reduced the delay after watching ads – Fixed various errors
Prey Day 14.6.01 (MOD, Immortality) Mod Apk+Obb
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Prey Day 14.6.01 (MOD, Immortality) Mod Apk+Obb
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