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Battlefield Mobile 0.5.119 APK For Android

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Download Battlefield Mobile 0.5.119 APK For Android

Battlefield Mobile gamekillermods.com

Minimum Requirement Android 7.0 and up
Package Name com.ea.gp.odessa
Google Play DOWNLOAD
Version 0.5.119
Size APK: 92 MB



Battlefield Mobile is an online Battle Royal Game created by ELECTRONIC ARTS. The Battlefield Mobile APK will be the most suitable PVP game for mobile games. will be able to capture all of that valuable Battlefield Experience we all loved from previous games in the series. At the same time, you press things and continue to add to the impressive weather changes that will take place during the game, and as a result, it is still incredibly popular today with the growing online community.

It has recently appeared in a play store called Battlefield Mobile and has various screenshots to show us captions for the game. The gameplay looks like a mix of Battlefield 3 and 4 and its description and screenshots look amazing. We’ll update its beta version when we get to it so be sure to bookmark this page and share it with your friends.

The Official Battlefield Mobile APK Published on Google Play
From Now on the mobile game has its high points finally we finally get Battlefield Mobile on Android. It is a fact that every day the online player community is growing and now almost everyone is taking his or her AAA degree on portable devices. So did EA with its amazing PVP Action FPS battlefield.

With the hype now forming the BF2042 and Battlefield mobile, it is the closest thing we have in an era with only a 22-year difference between each set. Battlefield Mobile is a multiplayer game where 64 players fight on one big map using different weapons and vehicles.

I called it a boomer but I played Battlefield since early 2002 when I used to attack Normandy beaches in the powerful Pentium III and I have always firmly believed that Battlefield is a one-time multiplayer game that can be used to set seasonal and cinematic level training mode. . Let’s just wait a little closer to get this game on our Android devices. At instantly read the official description of the game below.



  • Battlefield™ Mobile Screenshot
  • Battlefield™ Mobile Screenshot
  • Battlefield™ Mobile Screenshot
  • Battlefield™ Mobile Screenshot
  • Battlefield™ Mobile Screenshot


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