The Biggest Android Mistake of 2020

GameKillerMods, Saturday, December 12, 2020

The Biggest Android Mistake of 2020 

There is no way around it: 2020 has been one bad year for most people in the world. However, that does not mean that everything has fallen into that black hole of despair. In fact, many technology sectors have achieved 2020 as a good news manager. Android was one of the technologies that enjoyed the best of both worlds during the Voldemort era. For example, Google Pixel 5 may not have lived up to the flagship moniker, but it is a marvel of the phone at a very reasonable price. Android 11 has added a touch of polish to what has already been one of the best releases of the platform so far.

Android is not 100% clear yet. In line with their success, they also had a few bottles by 2020, some of which were critical security threats found in older versions of the platform. Another drawback was the volume problem found on some Pixel 5 devices. To me, however, one botch was more prominent than the other. If you’ve been reading my Android coverage for any length of time, you can probably see this one coming a million miles away.

The error I am referring to … Laughing phones.

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The industry has always done its best to make these bendy devices a reality, even if manufacturers have sent expensive failures after expensive failures. They have tried every kind of advertising to avoid the fact that all those devices will eventually end up with unacceptable openness of display and non-binding hinges, but the truth is there. You just can’t wrap something solid (or round) over time without attracting unwanted crease.

While the dreaded crease display may be the worst thing that can happen to any of these calls, when you lose about $ 1,500 on that device, you can be sure that failure at that level is unacceptable. That doesn’t even create a hacked account that will eventually fail to open or close.

With that in mind, you would think that Android device manufacturers might simply abandon this idea and move on to something more possible, but they continue with these well-designed apps.

An analogy from another industry
Every shenanigans wrap phone reminds me of another category – bicycles. I have been a diligent cyclist for a long time, and I have seen many fashions come and go. For the past 10 years, however, it seems that the bicycle industry is dead to convincing customers with a solution to a non-existent problem. Let me explain.

The bicycle’s best-known tire size for decades was 26 inches [26 cm]. After that science started working and decided that 29 inches were actually not the best size, because it allowed the wheel to roll more smoothly over obstacles. I bought into that and found out that science has been proven.

After that, the bike industry saw that it could benefit from such claims and decided that perhaps 28 inches were better than 29 inches. It is clear that this was just a matter of industry knowing that it could create an unwanted new solution and consumers would use it.

Folding wheel 28-inch phone segment. In other words, it is not necessary.

Sure, it would be nice to go all over the Star Trek-esque by tapping your phone and turning it on as a unlock, but how many times will you be able to pull it out before the gap breaks?

Don’t get me wrong – I’m looking for new things. However, the design should have a logical, driving purpose. While innovation for a new purpose serves its purpose, such as when the automotive industry pulls out concept cars to show what it can do, what consumers need is affordable and reliable devices. Buyers do not buy concept cars, they just appear and target them. They buy sensible cars.

That’s not a folding phone.

While the manufacturers of Android devices decided to march and continue with this folding device, it gave the platform the biggest mistake of 2020. -We will all be happy to put them both behind us.

Hopefully, 2021 will see Android device manufacturers focusing on innovative and fully accessible new and sold without enough rotation to send the Earth in a different exchange.

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