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Samsung shows how their autofocus system works

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Samsung shows how their autofocus system works

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The latest versions of Samsung smartphones use an advanced autofocus system, which allows for a more precise focus in a matter of time to get sharp and high-quality images even in poor shooting conditions. Representatives of the South Korean company recently decided to discuss the new autofocus.

Another major difference between standard focus and Dual Pixel Pro is a large number of sensor pixels. While usually a small fraction of the number of pixels allocated to focus, Samsung uses a technology that makes all pixels.

The company’s engineers were able to use not only horizontal classification of categories but also vertical, which greatly accelerated the focus. And finally, the updated technology was able to eliminate some of the “weaknesses” of the previous Dual Pixel technology. Due to the presence of the lower and upper phase photodiode sensor, it is now no longer difficult to focus on linear studies.



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